Why You Need an Attorney for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing

Being accused of criminal charges does not warrant one’s arrest. While most people have this misconception, the court calls the accused to a hearing, better known as Clerk Magistrate Hearing. Accused individuals will go to these hearings as a responder, and the magistrate will have to determine whether the accused will face any criminal charges.

Although most accused do not go through the effort of hiring a professional attorney for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing, you should not make the same mistake. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional lawyer to represent you in the probable cause hearing.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

Professional Attorneys Have a Lot of Experience

It goes without saying that professional attorneys have a lot of experience in their particular field. You can use this to your advantage, as they can build a defense using their years of experience. Moreover, although every case is different, most cases can share similarities that an attorney can use to build a better defense for you.

Having a professional attorney by your side can also help you better testify in a hearing, as they can use their experience to inform you of mistakes that previous clients made.

Can Save You a Significant Amount of Money

While it may be odd to think that an expensive lawyer representing you in a court can save you money, it simply can. Being found guilty of criminal charges in a clerk magistrate hearing can lead to you spending thousands of dollars in court hearings to prove your innocence. Of course, a professional attorney can save you from seeing another day in court or having to pay another dollar by proving your innocence from the start.

The Stakes Are Too High

The stakes in a clerk magistrate hearing are too high for you not to hire a professional lawyer to represent you. With good representation, it is possible for you to walk away from these hearings without criminal charges on your record. Attorneys use their years of experience to identify any weaknesses in the complaint and build a solid defense.

Attorney Benjamin UrbelisReceiving a letter calling you to a clerk magistrate hearing can be a serious shock. However, with a professional attorney on your side, you can walk away from this hearing without having to pay more or having to appear in court again. Contact Urbelis Law at (617) 830-2188 to learn more.


Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Individuals facing criminal charges have to consider various things; whether or not they should hire a defense attorney is certainly one of them. Many overlook the prospect of hiring a lawyer due to their cost, the service they provide offers incredible benefits to the individual. Moreover, since the cost of a criminal defense attorney is minimal, considering the life-altering psychological and financial cost that individuals will pay for not having a strong defense. Here are a few benefits that come with hiring a dedicated and experienced attorney.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

They Have Experience with Your Case

One of the major benefits that come with hiring a professional attorney is that they have a lot of experience in the field of criminal defense. Different lawyers deal with specific issues and judicial problems, and criminal defense attorneys specialize in criminal cases. While no case is the same, there are similarities between various cases that could make it easier for the attorney to build a strong defense.

Better Relationships with Prosecutors

Though it may seem odd that prosecutors and defense attorneys (two adversaries) would build a positive relationship, it is very common. Both parties understand the inherent benefits that come with understanding each other, so they build good professional relationships. These relationships can prove to be beneficial for a defense attorney’s client, as their lawyer can strike a better plea deal on their behalf.

They Help Save Money

While many may think it is counterintuitive, expensive lawyers will help save them money; lawyers help soften the blow for the impending judgment an individual will receive. They can get a significantly better deal where the client may be able to keep their job and/or professional license. By keeping their job or license intact, individuals can serve their sentence without losing their means of income.

They Understand the Judicial System

Finally, criminal defense lawyers understand the inherent judicial system, which is complex and difficult to understand for a layman. After close to a decade of schooling and learning, defense attorneys understand the nuances of the judicial system and the authority of law enforcement, which makes them significantly more capable of handling a criminal case.

Call on a Professional Attorney Today

Attorney Benjamin UrbelisDo not risk imprisonment or serious financial and psychological damage by choosing an inexperienced lawyer to act on your defense. Instead, hire a professional attorney so that they may help get you the best plea bargain you can find. Contact Urbelis Law at (617) 830-2188 to learn more.

The Penalties of Providing Alcohol to a Minor

In Massachusetts, selling alcohol to a minor is a criminal offense, similar to other states in the US. A minor, below the age of 21, cannot consume alcohol with a few exceptions. According to Ma. Gen. Laws Ann. 138 Section 34A, minors cannot purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol of any kind. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, as minors can possess alcohol with a spouse or member of their immediate family. However, the penalties of providing alcohol to minors can be very severe, even for adults above the age of 21.

Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors

There are serious issues for providing alcohol to minors throughout the state of Massachusetts. Being convicted for providing alcohol to minors is a misdemeanor, and the penalty can vary depending on the conviction you have.

Carrying, Transportation, or Possession of alcohol

Upon the first conviction, the individual will have to pay a fine of $50 if it is their first offense. However, in the event of two or more arrests, they will have to pay a fine of $150. Other than the fines, the individual will also lose their license for 90 days, or the right to operate a vehicle. This means they will not be able to drive their car or any other vehicle, even if they have a job.

Purchasing, Arranging or Attempting to Purchase Alcohol

While still a misdemeanor, the penalties for purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol is significantly greater than other smaller felonies. The accused will face a fine of $300, along with a report of the conviction that the sentencing court sends to the registrar of motor vehicles. The registrar will suspend the defendant’s license for a period of 180 days.

Fake or Fraudulent Identification

Minors may also try to purchase or acquire alcohol by providing a fake ID to the establishment. This offense is also a misdemeanor but is separate from the aforementioned offense. This particular offense carries more penalties, like a fine of up to $200, and a maximum of three months in jail. The sentence, of course, depends on the judge that passes it.

Attorney Benjamin UrbelisUnderage drinking laws can be a little difficult to traverse, especially with the many legal bindings. Therefore, if you want to learn more about penalties of alcohol among minors, contact Urbelis Law at (617) 830-2188 to better understand these legal bindings.