How Does a Criminal Conviction Impact Your Job in Massachusetts?

A criminal conviction can have repercussions long after paying fines, serving required prison time, and probationary sentences. Potential employers, school boards, and even rental companies and banks are just a few examples of the different sectors that may consider a criminal history when deciding whether to hire, provide housing, or approve an educational application. All of these instances make it difficult for those with a criminal record to make the necessary changes in their lives to move forward. 

To help ensure these individuals have a better chance at a positive future, many lawmakers are taking steps to fight for these individuals.

How Massachusetts is Helping Individuals with a Criminal Record

In 2018, Governor Charlie Baker signed Senate Bill No. 2371, also known as “Ban the Box, which bans employers from discriminating an applicant’s criminal records on an initial job application. The law also restricts how far back an employer can look into an applicant’s past, but there are exemptions to this, as well as exemptions that disqualify an applicant with a criminal record. Some of these exemptions include crimes against a child, convictions for murder, manslaughter, and certain sex offenses. 

The “Ban the Box” Act also lists certain guidelines that licensing agencies, such as those in real estate, dentistry, and other medical professions, must follow.

Individuals Facing a Criminal Conviction or Have a Criminal Record

If an individual is facing a criminal conviction or has a criminal record, there are two approaches they can take to help reduce the risk of the consequences of Bill No. 2371, as outlined above. 

  1. If an individual is facing a criminal conviction, it’s crucial to build a strong defense to the charges. By working with an experienced criminal attorney, a solid defense strategy for your situation will be created to better ensure your legal rights are protected. 
  2. Take proactive steps to clear your criminal records. Depending on the details of the individual’s criminal history, the individual may be able to seal their records or in exceedingly rare cases, have their records expunged.

Your Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Urbelis Law, LLC, our team of criminal defense lawyers will work closely with you to build a credible defense strategy to ensure your legal rights are protected while facing a criminal conviction. For those that have a criminal record and are in the process of looking for a job, a new home,  or are in the process of going back to school, our team will ensure you are supported and not discriminated upon during the review process. 

To learn more about how our team can help you move on from your criminal conviction, contact us today at (617) 830-2188. 

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