The Penalties for Armed Robbery in Massachusetts

Committing an armed robbery is a serious offense in any state, but each state has a different set of consequences for those that commit an armed robbery crime. If you’re facing armed robbery charges in Massachusetts, it’s important to understand what you might be facing and what you can do to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Armed Robbery Definition 

To be charged with an armed robbery in Massachusetts the prosecuting attorney has to be able to prove a few things. These things include: 

  • You were armed with a potentially dangerous weapon during the robbery
  • You assaulted someone during the robbery
  • The robbery took place – you must have robbed, stolen, or took something from the accuser

If these things cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, you can’t be convicted of an armed robbery in Massachusetts. 

Armed Robbery Penalties

If convicted of an armed robbery, the maximum penalty is life in a state prison, although the maximum penalty is not typically applied to first time offenders. First time offenders will likely face some jail time, with a possibility of probation after your release. 

Aggravating Factors

Certain factors make an armed robbery charge worse, causing higher penalties to be assigned. A minimum 5-year sentence in a state prison will be assigned to anyone convicted of an armed robbery in which they wore a mask or disguise to hide their identity. You’ll face a sentence of at least 10 years in a state prison if this is your second offense using a mask or disguise. If the weapon used during the robbery was a firearm, you’ll face a minimum sentence if 5 years for the first offense and a minimum of 15 years for a second offense. Keep in mind these are minimum sentencing requirements, but you can receive a much higher sentence if the judge sees fit. 

Protecting Yourself

If you’re facing armed robbery charges in any state, including Massachusetts, it’s important that you have proper legal representation. Contact an experienced attorney that has handled armed robbery cases before to learn about options you may for proving your innocence, entering a plea deal, and asking for lighter sentencing.

 If you have been wrongly accused of an armed robbery, it’s important to seek legal representation right away. 

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