Understanding Common College Crimes

College is a fun and liberating time when young adults can discover themselves as individuals. As great as the experience can be, it takes and unexpected negative turn for many college students. With close quarters and immature minds combined, college crimes are very common. Some of the most common college crimes include:


Theft can happen anywhere on a college campus. From petty theft of personal items in the dormitory, to a more severe case of theft such as breaking into a car or stealing textbooks and laptops, theft is inevitable. Theft is generally hard to prove without an eyewitness, physical evidence, or security camera footage of the theft taking place. 

Alcohol Crimes

Alcohol crimes are some of the most common, and frequently missed by law enforcement. Alcohol crimes is a blanket term that includes underage drinking, driving under the influence, purchasing alcohol for minors, public intoxication, and more. 

Drug Crimes

It’s no secret that drugs circulate around college campuses. Drug crimes are taken very seriously by college campuses and get reported quickly. Drug crimes are also treated very harshly by the criminal justice system, often coming with jail time, probation, and more life-altering consequences. 

Sexual Crimes

With high numbers of young people in one place, sex crimes are a regular occurrence on most college campuses. When drugs or alcohol are involved with the sex crime, a case quickly becomes more complicated. Sex crimes can have very serious consequences that will follow the accused for the rest of their lives. It’s important to ensure that both sides of the story are heard, not just that of the victim. 

If you’re facing one of these common college crimes, you need the assistance of an experienced college defense lawyer. A defense lawyer will hear your side of the story and determine if they may be able to fight and win the case. If you’re guilty of the accused crimes, a criminal defense lawyer can help to negotiate plea deals and lesser sentencing than if you attempt to face the charges on your own. College criminal defense lawyers understand that college provides a unique environment where crimes are bound to occur, but that doesn’t mean it should ruin the life of the accused individual. 

Attorney Benjamin UrbelisContact our office today to set up an appointment for your criminal defense consultation and learn more about what your options are. Just because it feels like an accusation will affect you for the rest of your life, doesn’t mean it has to! 

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