What is an Administrative Hearing?

An administrative hearing is a trial-like proceeding prior to any formal criminal charges are filed. As far as the law is concerned, these hearings allow any potential charges to disappear as if the alleged incident never happened.

How Urbelis Law Can Help

At Urbelis Law, our Managing Attorney Benjamin Urbelis guides his clients through the administrative hearing process. Regularly representing clients at clerk magistrate hearings, probation violation/surrender hearings, and Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV/DMV) hearings, Benjamin has proven success at preventing formal criminal charges from being filed.

Whether you’re in the process of an administrative hearing or simply going through the police interview process, having our team of criminal defense lawyers on your side will increase the chances of your success.

Types of Administrative Hearings We Represent

Clerk Magistrate Hearings – Requested if you are accused of a misdemeanor criminal offense (excluding OUIs, domestic assault & battery, and shoplifting) that did not take place in the presence of a police officer.

Police Interviews/Question – When the police contact you and ask you to go into the station for questioning. Remember, when you voluntarily go into the station, they are not required to give you Miranda warnings and it’s best to have a criminal defense lawyer with you to help you determine how to proceed.

Probation Violation/Surrender Hearings – The outcome when a probation officer has reasons to believe you violated the terms of your probation. Some of these violations include missed payment to probation or the court, failure to attend a court-ordered class or community service, or failure to notify probation of an address or employment change.

Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV/DMV) Hearings – We zealously advocate for our clients throughout the RMV appeals process, whether you are facing a suspension for an OUI charge, multiple moving violations, or even a non-motor vehicle drug charge.

Restraining Orders/Abuse Prevention Orders/209A Violations – If you are served with a 209A restraining order, the first thing you should do is contact your criminal defense attorney at Urbelis Law. Your attorney will be able to investigate, prepare, and clear his schedule for your court date.

Sealing Criminal Records – If you have bee convicted of a misdemeanor conviction and your conviction date was more than five years ago or if your last felony charge is at least 10 years old, Benjamin Urbelis of Urbelis Law can help you through the process of sealing your criminal record.

Warrant Removals – If you have an outstanding warrant or believe that there is a warrant for your request, you run the risk of being arrested anytime, anywhere. By having our Managing Attorney Benjamin Urbelis evaluate the facts and circumstances, he will be able to provide you with the proper representation.

Free Consultation with Urbelis Law

Attorney Benjamin UrbelisOur criminal defense team at Urbelis Law has extensive success with administrative hearings and has worked aggressively to ensure formal criminal charges are not filed against our clients. If you have not yet been charged with a crime but are facing any of the issues or hearings we outlined above, contact our team today at (617) 830-2188 for your free consultation!

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