What is Criminal Charge Stacking?

When law enforcement officers make an arrest, they often charge the individual with as many crimes as they can at once. Since they are using their discretion when asserting criminal charges, law officers tend to err on the side of caution and make several charges in an attempt to see what charges stick. Known as criminal charge stacking, this process affects many individuals facing criminal convictions. 

Why is Criminal Charge Stacking Bad for Defendants?

Criminal charge stacking means that criminal defendants have to fight more charges that don’t necessarily fit their alleged crime. When a defendant has to fight more charges, the harder it will be for them to walk away without a conviction. If multiple convictions are obtained from criminal charge stacking, the charges can be stacked on one another, leading to a lengthy sentence. Criminal charge stacking can also make a first-time offender a multiple offender if they are convicted of more than one crime pending against them.

Fighting stacked charges can also be very expensive, which can make defendants feel pressured to take plea bargains to offset the cost of hiring a lawyer and fighting all of the charges. By working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer, the charges that need to be dropped immediately will be determined and the steps to get them dropped will be taken immediately, allowing defendants and their lawyers more time to focus on the charges that need to be faced. 

Examples of Common Criminal Charges that are Often Stacked Together:

  • Basic drug chares in conjunction with conspiracy and/or possession of drug paraphernalia charges
  • Weapons possession charges in conjunction with money laundering and/or drug charges
  • Robbery charges in conjunction with a convicted felon gun possession charge

Working with an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you facing stacked charges for multiple crimes? By working our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers at Urbelis Law, we will ensure that any charges that do no necessarily fit the facts surrounding the alleged crime are dropped immediately, saving you time and money. Contact us today at (617) 830-2188 to get started.

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