Why You Need an Attorney for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing

Being accused of criminal charges does not warrant one’s arrest. While most people have this misconception, the court calls the accused to a hearing, better known as Clerk Magistrate Hearing. Accused individuals will go to these hearings as a responder, and the magistrate will have to determine whether the accused will face any criminal charges.

Although most accused do not go through the effort of hiring a professional attorney for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing, you should not make the same mistake. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional lawyer to represent you in the probable cause hearing.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

Professional Attorneys Have a Lot of Experience

It goes without saying that professional attorneys have a lot of experience in their particular field. You can use this to your advantage, as they can build a defense using their years of experience. Moreover, although every case is different, most cases can share similarities that an attorney can use to build a better defense for you.

Having a professional attorney by your side can also help you better testify in a hearing, as they can use their experience to inform you of mistakes that previous clients made.

Can Save You a Significant Amount of Money

While it may be odd to think that an expensive lawyer representing you in a court can save you money, it simply can. Being found guilty of criminal charges in a clerk magistrate hearing can lead to you spending thousands of dollars in court hearings to prove your innocence. Of course, a professional attorney can save you from seeing another day in court or having to pay another dollar by proving your innocence from the start.

The Stakes Are Too High

The stakes in a clerk magistrate hearing are too high for you not to hire a professional lawyer to represent you. With good representation, it is possible for you to walk away from these hearings without criminal charges on your record. Attorneys use their years of experience to identify any weaknesses in the complaint and build a solid defense.

Attorney Benjamin UrbelisReceiving a letter calling you to a clerk magistrate hearing can be a serious shock. However, with a professional attorney on your side, you can walk away from this hearing without having to pay more or having to appear in court again. Contact Urbelis Law at (617) 830-2188 to learn more.


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